Rite Aid

Rite Aid Pharmacy - With Us, Its Personal.
Though you probably couldn’t accomplish ALL of your weekly grocery shopping at Rite Aid, don’t overlook the drugstore chains for deals.  I used to think of Rite Aid only as a last resort, because their prices seemed so high to me.  But once I started using coupons, and learned some of the unique ways that Rite Aid allows us to use them, I realized I could get some amazing deals there.

Be sure to get your FREE Rite Aid Wellness+ Card to qualify for all the deals (sign up the next time you’re in the store – it only takes a few minutes).

Rite Aid +UP Rewards (plus-up)
Buy select products as specified in the Rite Aid sale flyer using your Wellness+ card, and a coupon will print at the bottom of your receipt to be used on a future purchase.

Single Check Rebates
Buy select products, then submit your receipts online or by snail mail to earn cash back (rebate offers are sometimes specified in the Rite Aid sale flyer; to see ALL offers, check online or pick up a Single Check Rebate flyer each month at your local Rite Aid store).

Rite Aid Best Deals

Rite Aid Sale Flyer

Rite Aid Unadvertised Specials

Rite Aid Video Values Store Coupons

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

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