Tenzing 2220 Daypack with Firearm Carry Boot and Rain Fly Cover

Tenzing TZ 2220 is one of the Best Bow Hunting Backpacks, not only for hunters but also for hikers, campers, and backpackers. This daypack has 2,220 cubic inches of space for storage and has one of the most comfortable frames you will find on the market today.

If you are looking for a solid hunting pack without the hefty price tag, this may be the one for you! Continue reading if you want more information about the Tenzing TZ 2220 hunting pack.

Tenzing 2220 Daypack

Compartments and Pockets

The Tenzing 2220 is the ultimate day hunting pack. It has everything you need in a day pack and nothing you don’t. 11-compartments and 8 pockets give you more than enough room for your gear, with quick and quiet zipper access when you need it most.

This convenient carrier allows weight to be distributed evenly, and the rifle/bow carrier will hold just about any gun or bow comfortably and quietly.

Bow and Gun Carrier

Hunters should carry their weapons with them in a way that allows for easy movement, as well as to reduce stress overall.

The Tenzing TZ 2220 pack has just the right design to provide a pouch for storing your primary gear, but it also has an attached bow and arrow holder, making it easy to strap up the weapons you need to carry and remove them when you want.

Bottle Space

Hunting backpacks with hydration bottle attachments are beneficial. A small water supply might work for shorter trips, but it’s good to have a large hydration pack for drinking for longer trips.

This hunting backpack has a dedicated compartment for an optional 2L hydration pack, making it easy to adjust the amount of water you want.


This backpack is solid and durable, making it an ideal choice for anyone who does a lot of hiking. The aluminum frame stays give the backpack extra support, and Dyneema fibers make it lightweight (it can float on water). Padded hip belts help distribute the weight evenly across your hips and back.

Rain Cover

The unexpected weather change can threaten the safety of professional hunters and hiker’s gears. Thus, the TZ 2220’s built-in rain cover is essential to keep accessories—such as firearms—dry in case of bad weather. The rain cover protects electrical equipment from moisture and takes up no space within the main compartments.


However, the pack is a bit heavy at 5 lbs. The hydration bladder is sold separately, but two pockets on the sides open back to front. Again, the shoulder strap can get in the way when zipping the pouches closed.

Final Verdict

However, the Tenzing 2220 Daypack is a sturdy and comfortable bag with plenty of room for all of your gear. The soft material is perfect for hunting so that you won’t spook any game, and the water-resistant fabric will keep your items dry when hiking in the rain. It comes with an adjustable air mesh suspension system for comfort and breathability.

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